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Gifting art just got easier! Now available in multiple denominations to suit your pocket.
Earn some art-karma and gift a Crude Area e-gift voucher to loved ones. Let your loved ones pick art of their choice, they're sure to cherish your gift forever!

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How do I buy the Crude Area e-gift Card work?

Buying an e-Gift Card is super simple and fast! Just enter the recipient's email id, pick the amount / value and personlise your gift card with a message! You can even double or triple the chosen amount by selecting multiples.

How do I pay for the e-Gift Card?

You can pay through your Credit or Debit Card or Ntebanking. We don't offer Cash on Delivery service for purchase of e-Gift Cards.

How does the receipient redeem the e-Gift Card?

Here's how you can redeeem your e-Gift Card and get art-happy!

Step 1:
Log on to and browse through our amazing collection of art from international and Indian artists.

Step 2:
Choose your favourite design/artwork and select the type of product you like : Plain art print (not framed), Framed Print, or Canvas Print.

Step 3:
Add your selection to your shopping cart and checkout to make payment. Use option "Gift Card" as your mode of payment.

Step 4:
Enter the unique coupon code and PIN mentioned in this email above. Click "Redeem" then checkout.

Step 5:
After redeeming your Gift Card, if the Gift Card value is greater than the total payment due for items in your cart, you are all set! You will see a Thank you page after checkout and you're done!
If the Gift Card value is lesser than the total payment due for items in your cart, you will need to make the payment for balance amount due. You can make the remaining payment through Credit Card, Debit Card, Netbanking and Cash on Delivery options available on our website. Soon as you make the payment, you'll see a Thank You page and you're all done!

If you're still not sure about how to use it, call 9920837624 and speak to us or drop us a line on right away!

Can the recipient use a promotion or coupon code while using the e-Gift Card?

Yes, absolutely! The e-Gift Card becomes just another mode of payment for the user.

Can the e-Gift Card be exchanged for Cash?

Nope, ofcourse not!

Is there a validity period for the e-Gift Card?

Yes. All e-gift Cards are valid for six months from date of purchase.

Can I re-use the e-Gift Card?

Ofcourse, if there is some remaining value in it! If your Gift Card's value is Rs 2,000 and you've made a purchase of Rs 1750 using the card, you can use the remaining Rs 250 in your next purchase with a combination of Gift Card and other modes of payment like Credit/Debit Card, Netbanking and COD. You can also use the Check Balance feature on our website to confirm remaining Gift Card value.

I made the payment to purchase my e-Gift Card but did not get any order confirmation. Help!

Please contact us on 9920837624 or drop us a line on immediately!

Note : Sizes mentioned on website are indicative, actual size of the art-work may vary a little depending on the orientation of original artwork. Dimensions are in the proportion of Width by Height.

Reference for Art Prints & Canvas prints

  • size-print1
    Small: 10" x 14"
  • size-print2
    Medium: 12" x 17"
  • size-print3
    Large: 17" x 23"
  • size-print4
    Extra Large: 23" x 33"

Reference for Framed Art

  • size-print1
    Small: 14" x 18"
  • size-print2
    Medium: 18" x 23"
  • size-print3
    Large: 23" x 29"
  • size-print4
    Extra Large: 31" x 41"