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5 Tips on Using Graphic Art to Spruce up a Party Space

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When you host a party or gathering of any kind, one of the biggest concerns is making the area look like a party zone. When guests arrive, their eyes should be drawn to the walls, floors and furniture in the area, creating an instant visual effect that is unforgettable. This applies for homes as well as event spaces that are used for parties.

5 Simple Tips for Creating the ‘Perfect Party Zone’

While you may think that you need to revamp every item in your home or at a venue, the truth is that such drastic steps are unnecessary. One of the simplest ways to add incredible appeal to any space is the smart use of décor, graphic art and accessories. A gorgeous collection of eye-catching artwork can do more than even the fanciest furniture could!

Read on for 5 easy tips on revamping a space in no time at all:

1. Select a Theme – As with any other kind of design requirement, a basic idea that ties together individual décor elements is the essential first step. Whether it is a colour scheme that you have in mind or a specific design style like pop-culture, street-style art or typography you can pick out specific items that coordinate with and complement each other.


2. Start with the Basics – Instead of rushing ahead to picking the colour of accent ribbons or picture frames, first start with selecting the artwork you would like to display. After you decide which art prints you want on your walls, you can then play with the idea of putting them up as is, hanging them in frames or even using them under glass-top tables or a thick layer of clear varnish for unusual effects!


3. Trust Your Preference – If you have a fondness for iconic Bollywood or vintage Hollywood movie posters, you could hang up a whole set of these quirky prints. If you’re the kind of person who likes the cute stuff, pick out a collection of whimsical pieces that feature adorable designs. Decide on the general effect you’d like to achieve and narrow down your options based on the genre or colour schemes you like.


4. But Keep Guests in Mind Too – Unless you plan to party all by yourself, you will need to consider the fact that some of your guests might not share your tastes in art. That doesn’t mean that you start asking what everyone else wants, just avoiding pieces that could potentially be disturbing. Think about the age or gender of people coming over and accordingly scrap any options that seem like they might be offensive, as there are always more to pick from.


5. Select the Right Size – Once you’ve picked out your favourites, measure the area that you plan to display them in and decide on a size based on that. A large blank wall would look great with a single oversized print in the centre, as well as multiple smaller ones that fit the theme, scattered around it. Other walls might need a variety of artwork in different sizes, but remember not to clutter any of them up, leaving space between each piece.

The good news is that with the number of choices available these days, picking out the perfect graphic art has become easier than ever. With options ranging from contemporary ‘rugged’ or distressed-effect prints to the classic and vintage styles that are back in vogues, there really is something for everybody. So what are you waiting for, let your creative side loose and use artwork to decorate your party venue, your way!

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