Taaneya Balaji

Having recently graduated in graphic design, Bangalore based artist Taaneya Balaji feels she has been surrounded by art her whole life, given that her mother is an artist and her brother a freelance photographer. Eventually her love for art evolved into digital design, leading her to pursue illustration.

She likes texturized work, with a touch of vintage. Being an Indian she feels that a lot of colours and patterns naturally flow into her work, adding to the beauty of an illustration. Since she balances her regular job with freelance illustration, she finds that one of her weaknesses would be the inability to focus on her work if she is not in the mood or not feeling inspired enough. 

She finds character illustration interesting, and if there is one subject that has never interested her as an artist it would have to be still life. She explains, “I've never been too good at depicting anything realistically. But now I understand that there’s so much beauty in perception, in illustration there's never a right or wrong. It's the beauty of the process.”