Robin Dickinson

For the past 22 years I have been moving with my husband and our 3 children all around the USA to whatever location the US Navy has directed us to go. Now that he has retired I've discovered that I had become addicted to that roaming lifestyle and had acquired a severe case of Wanderlust. Though we have searched, so far, no cure has been discovered for this ailment. Unable to stay put, I am happiest when on a road-trip taking pictures (sooo many pictures!).

Sadly, this Wanderlust affliction has been the cause of several near mishaps. One of the most dangerous symptoms of this disorder is the inability to look forward or down while walking. I suffer from the very strong urge to be looking up and through my camera lens at nearly all times. Richard, my husband and photo-shooting companion, has risked his own life in order to save mine on several occasions. The result has been several life-threatening ordeals such as near copperhead strikes and falling great distances from rocky inclines.

My ultimate goal is to live in a small camper on the road traveling with Richard (whether he likes it or not), celebrating nature and the Creator in every image that I concoct.

I would love to have you visit me around the big www. Be sure to message and say hello!