Pooja Johry

Since childhood, I believed in keeping my emotions to myself. For me, it was a mark of strength and independence, but I grew up to realize that expressing yourself and letting people know how much they mean to you is an important ingredient for a happy and complete life.


However, too many words don’t come to me naturally and I strongly believe that saying out loud is not the only way to emote. The more I explore design and its potential, the more I get convinced of its strength to convey a message both subtly and effectively. Without using so many words, one can still say a lot!


This realization took me to pursue Masters in Graphic Design from Arts University Bournemouth, UK. In my designs I combine my skills with my intent to communicate. My wall art captures beauty, enthusiasm and several aspects of fun living, while enabling communication of deepest feelings in a way that is unconventional and personal to the ones that matter. If you have an emotion inside you that you want to express, I can fill your walls with it in a way that is warm and beautiful.