Anna See

After often being admonished for “being all over the place,” Anna finally realized that it’s okay to challenge yourself and explore, and that versatility can be a strength. “Style should not drive the picture; the picture should drive the style” (quote by Gary Taxali). Thus, her work is not necessarily unified by just one style, but by her ability to visually convey an opinion, a story, a feeling, an idea, a text. She fell in love with hand-pulled block printing upon graduating from Art Center College of Design. And, after trial and error with her self-taught method, started producing work inspired by what she saw in nature, artistic influences like Charley Harper, and her love of fashion and architecture. Her many interests and love of all kinds of art and design is evident and she hopes to continue to explore the different avenues the art field has to offer. She currently resides in beautiful Summerlin, Nevada.