Crude Area opens up a world of beautiful art for everyone.


What is Crude Area?

Think of us as one of the coolest artist communities online. We wanted to make the graphic art marketplace a level playing field comprised equally of Indian and international artists. When the world is moving towards an increasingly seamless online community of artists, why couldn't India create one of its own? On Crude Area, the artist benefits directly and makes a commission per sale.

Crude Area is not an art sweat shop. These are prints that are curated by us with a very strong focus on what appeals to the cosmopolitan, urban Indian, whether they live in Mumbai, Vadodara, Delhi or Chennai. We believe the Indian market is ready for beautiful graphic art whether as prints for their home or as art related merchandise that we expect to introduce sometime after launch. (Stay tuned on that front!)

What's with the name?

The name Crude Area was a twist on the idea of art as understood in India. Art in India is perceived as posh, mysterious and unapproachable. We wanted to turn this idea on its head and interpret it in our own cheeky way. The name pokes fun at the idea of refinement and taking yourself too seriously.